Ride A Elephant?

Animals are very adorable especially when they’re babies like that but when they’re full grown it’s a different story so we try to have fun with them while they’re still babies . But when they grow up it’s time to give them their space and respect them for what they are their wild animals.

This place offers tourists the chance to ride elephants, teaches them how to chain elephants and gets them to perform tricks on demand. Do your own research. It’s all on their own website. They just chuck the word “conservation” in there and everyone thinks they’re great.
Life sucks for the elephants being abused, trapped and exploited for the tourist trade. So I’m happy to keep commenting to educate people on that. No matter how much you dislike hearing it. .

A founder of an elephant rescue in Tennessee was crushed to death by an elephant she raised from a bottle years later. Animals are wild. Just because you think a mouse might terrify an elephant does not mean they are easily frightened.

Ironically, the same exact thing happened to a farmer south of town who rescued some baby buffaloes. Years later one crushed him to death during a routine daily feeding.