Best Casinos with Mobile Roulette 2022

We present our Mobile Roulette handbook to all the Roulette buffs and newbies. It will answer all your questions about the game, its payouts and odds and guide you to the web pages and applications where you will be able to spin the virtual wheel safely and have fun.

How To Define A Good Website For Mobile Gambling

When you are gambling on instant-play platforms in New Zealand (the ones accessible through a web browser and requiring no downloads), it all comes down to 2 things: convenient, adaptable design and optimization of graphics. As instant-play mobile casinos don’t take up memory storage, you can check how the webpage will look on the screen of your device. Try and check how easy it will be to register an account, open a demo version and play it: is the process seamless enough, or will mobile gambling just get on your nerves?

Some mobile casinos house fewer games in their collection in comparison to what they offer in desktop versions. Keeping that in mind, you could go through their selection to make sure the titles you are interested in are there.

Never ignore the question of security. Before depositing any money or providing personal information, check the casino license and look for customer feedback.

Blacklist Of Mobile Roulette Casinos

Consider avoiding the following Mobile Roulette casinos (they have been blacklisted) when you are gambling online pokies in New Zealand:

  • 21 Dukes;
  • Cool Cat casino;
  • Planet 7 casino;
  • Raging Bull Casino;
  • Royal Ace;
  • Slots Of Fortune;
  • Win Palace;
  • Wild Vegas casino.

These New Zealand websites were reported because of payment problems, false advertising, unfair gameplay, or other questionable actions.

Features Of Mobile Gambling

The main reason why mobile casinos are on the rise is, of course, easy access 24/7. No matter where you are or what time it is, your favourite entertainment is always at your fingertips.

Being mobile is the major trend of today, so all the top game developers are trying to follow it: mobile gambling is getting more high-quality every day. You don’t have to worry about safety as long as you go for trustworthy mobile casinos and games.

The only issue mobile users still face is excessive data usage and, consequently, lower speed while playing Live Dealer games.

How To Play Roulette On Mobile Phones

Thanks to all the advances in mobile technologies developing at the speed of light, the quality of online games and their main features don’t depend on the device anymore. The only problem left is the size of the screen. Games are adaptable: they will adjust to fit any of them. Instead of showing you the wheel and the betting table at the same time, for instance, the developers will do it in turns on a mobile device. But obviously, images on a smartphone will be smaller and less detailed. If you don’t mind it, there will be no other significant differences in the gameplay, winning odds, payouts, or bonus features – the things that matter to a Kiwi gambler.

Game Board And Betting Options

Any mobile video Roulette has 3 main components: the wheel, the ball, and the layout betting table.

As for the wheel, the numbers on its rim are placed as variably as possible. For example, a red and a black number mustn’t be next to each other; odd and even numbers must alternate too: not more than 2 of the same kind can be neighbors.

Anyway, players don’t interact with the wheel too much: they just watch it, holding their breaths. The layout table is much more of interest to them.

Gamblers use the table for placing their bets. If you look at it, you will see that it consists of the 3×12 grid filled with red and black numbers (1-36) and 0 (and 00) on top of it. Plus, there are additional boxes attached to the bottom and the left edge of the grid marked “odd”, “even”, “high”, “low”, “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, “3rd 12”, “2:1”….

So, you can place “Inside” and “Outside” bets in Roulette: these terms should hint where the chips will go: inside the main 3×12 grid of the layout table or outside of it.

Inside bets

These are the best bets in terms of their payouts and the worst – in terms of the winning chances.

  • Single (straight) – a bet on a single number (36, 0, 11);
  • Split – a bet on 2 adjoining numbers in the table located vertically or horizontally (8 and 9, 17 and 20);
  • Street – a bet on 3 adjoining numbers in located in one horizontal table row (13 – 14 – 15 or 34 – 35 – 36);
  • Square (corner) – a bet on 4 numbers whose boxes in the table share one corner and make up a square (10, 11, 14, 13);
  • Double Street (Six Line) – a bet on 6 consecutive numbers occupying two horizontal rows of the table (31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36);
  • Trio – a bet on 3 adjoining numbers of the table that include 0 (0, 1, 2 or 00, 3, 2);
  • Top Line (Basket) – a bet on the top of the table: the boxes with zeroes and the first row of the 3×12 grid (0, 1, 2, 3 or 0, 00, 1, 2, 3).

Having chosen one of the inside bets, the gamblers will place their chips inside the 3×12 grid on the number or on the edges and corners of the table (when betting on several numbers).

Outside bets

In contrast to the inside bets, these bets are the safer but much less generous option.

  • Red or Black? A player bets that the winning number will be red or black. One bet covers 18 numbers.
  • Odd or Even? A player bets that the winning number will be odd or even. One bet covers 18 numbers.
  • High or Low? A player bets that the winning number will be in the “Low” range (from 1 to 18) or in the “High” (19 – 36) range. One bet covers 18 numbers.
  • Dozens. A player bets that the winning number will be from one of the 3 dozens: the 1st (1– 12), the 2nd (13 – 24), or the 3rd (25 – 36). One bet covers 12 numbers.
  • Columns. A player bets that the winning number will be from one of the 3 vertical table columns: the 1st (1– 34), the 2nd (2 – 35), or the 3rd (3 – 36). One bet covers 12 numbers.

To place an outside bet a gambler has to put the chip into a specially designated box outside the main 3×12 grid.

Odds And Payouts

You don’t have to memorize all the winning odds and payouts for each mobile video Roulette bet. We suggest using a simple formula for calculating them on the spot (it is called the formula of expected value). We also believe that applying it will give you a more profound understanding of the game.

Let’s begin with calculating the odds.

For European or French Roulettes, the odds of each number coming up on the wheel are 1 to 37; for the American type – 1 to 38.

When you are placing any other bet besides single (straight), you can find out what the chances are using the formula:

37/n – 1, where n is the number of the pockets the bet covers – for European and French Roulettes;

38/n – 1, where n is the number of the pockets the bet covers – for American Roulette.

For example, the winning odds for a High/Low bet are 1 to 1.056 (37/18 – 1 for European or French) and 1 to 1.111 (38/18 – 1 for American). Betting on a Square (Corner), you have 1 to 8.25 (37/4 – 1) and 1 to 8.5 (38/4 – 1) chances to win.

Can anything be better than counting cash prizes? It’s time we get to calculating payouts.

Each dollar (euro, yen, etc.) you risk spinning the wheel is worth:

36/n – 1, where n = the number of pockets on the wheel your bet covers.

Yep, we are using the same formula with a different numerator: it is always 36. Whichever Roulette you are playing, the payout rates don’t change.

If you win a single bet, you will be paid the amount of 35/1 (36/1 – 1). 35 to 1 here means that every dollar (euro, yen…) risked is worth its value multiplied by 35x. On top, the casino pays your initial bet back when you win. So, you will get 35×1 + 1 = 36 dollars if you bet $1 on a single number and win. With a $10 single bet, the payout will be 35×10 + 10 = $360

For any outside bet covering 18 numbers, the payout will be 36/18 – 1 = 1/1. Having risked $5, you will receive 1×5 + 5 = $10.

Having bet $10 on a Square successfully, a gambler will be rewarded with $90 (36/4 – 1 = 8/1 – the payout rate; 8×10 + 10 = $90).

Differences Between Types Of Roulette

You are likely to come across the 3 most popular mobile video Roulette kinds at any online casino: European, American, and French. At first glance, all of them may look the same, especially if you consider the order of numbers on the wheel completely random (it is not, though; everything is meticulously calculated).

The main feature that makes them different is an additional green pocket on the rim of American Roulette. There is 0 (the first green pocket with a single zero) and 00 (the second green pocket with a double zero). European and French games are single-zeroed: the wheel has only one green pocket marked 0.

The double zero makes the American kind less advantageous for players as it decreases the winning odds: there is one more option where the ball can drop instead of the number a gambler has bet on. So, while playing European or French Roulettes, you have 1 chance out of 37 to guess right. Having opted for the American wheel, you worsen the odds: they become 1 out of 38. Meanwhile, the House Edge grows, and the casino wins more. The House has an advantage of 2.7% when you are playing European and French Roulettes against 5.3% for the American kind.

Popular Mobile Devices For Roulette Apps

We will shortly describe the mobile devices most frequently used by New Zealand gamblers while playing mobile casino Roulette, their advantages and drawbacks.

Android devices

  • Google Play has more apps available overall;
  • Android devices are more common, and the quality of graphics and sounds are not inferior to Apple.
  • New Android apps are usually released later than the iOS apps;
  • As a rule, Google Play doesn’t allow real-money gambling apps.
iPhone devices

  • New apps are usually released for iOS products first;
  • Apple Store allows real-money gambling apps;
  • iOS might be considered a faster and more efficient operating system than Android* (we can’t fully agree with it, though)
  • In comparison to Android, there are fewer devices compatible with iOS.
Ipad devices

  • The biggest screen among all the mobile devices;
  • Easier navigation and control.
  • The device is less mobile because of its size;
  • Not all apps can be compatible with Ipads and tablets.

We have to say that the level of mobile technology nowadays allows us to gamble from any mobile device and not worry about considerable differences between them.

Playing In Browser VS Mobile App

More and more game providers choose to produce their mobile casino Roulette with instant-play adaptable software over developing a mobile app.

Playing Mobile Roulette through a web browser

  • Takes less time to start gambling;
  • Doesn’t occupy memory storage space;
  • Doesn’t require downloads and installations;
  • Doesn’t always save your data and requires you to log in again;
  • You can encounter bad optimization for mobile devices.
Using a Mobile Roulette App

  • Generally better optimized for mobile devices and gambling on the go;
  • Saves all the progress and log-in information;
  • Takes time to install and start the process;
  • Not all casinos have their own app: the choice is much more limited;
  • Takes up storage memory;
  • Most mobile apps don’t allow real-money gambling.

Nevertheless, a mobile casino Roulette application is a great option for those in New Zealand who don’t look for real-money gambling. They will save your progress in the game and will always be within reach when there’s time to kill. Kiwi gamblers could check out the following apps: Roulettist, Roulette Royale – Grand Casino, Roulette 3D Casino Style, Roulette VIP – Casino Vegas, etc.

How To Win At Mobile Roulette Games?

Unfortunately, no strategy will ensure winnings and winnings only, 100% of the time. Those who claim the opposite are kind of economical with the truth.

As we’ve said earlier, the safest bets are the ones that cover more numbers – outside bets – their winning odds are as close to the 50/50 probability as possible in mobile casino Roulette.

In addition, you might try applying one of the betting strategies based on negative or positive progressions (increasing your bets after each loss (negative) or victory (positive). They are not a magical solution to all the gambling problems, but they do help to manage a budget and keep track of events at the table in a land-based casino or mobile app in your hand. The most popular betting techniques are Martingale and Fibonacci strategies, D’Alembert and Labouchère systems.

Mobile Live Roulette And Its Features

In a nutshell, Live Roulette is playing the game with real casino equipment and a professional croupier via a livestream video.

Live Roulette in New Zealand will require a better, more stable Internet connection and, probably, a newer device to make the game go smoothly and load fast enough.

Which Game Provider To Choose?

When you ask yourself ‘Who developed this game?’ and find the answer, all the doubts about fairness and randomness of Mobile Roulette will either disappear or turn into facts.

Top game providers for New Zealand online casinos whose reputation you don’t have to question are:

  • IGT;
  • NetEnt;
  • Yggdrasil;
  • Novomatic;
  • Microgaming.

These are not the only trustworthy companies on the New Zealand market, though. We want to emphasize that this factor is worth your attention, just like the ones we’ve mentioned earlier.

Free Vs Real Money: What To Choose?

Different reasons for gambling, different life circumstances, different online casinos – all these factors may tilt the balance in favour of free or real-money play.

Play for Real Money in New Zealand

  • You have a chance to win cash prizes;
  • You can claim promos and bonuses, play longer and pay less;
  • You have access to bigger game collections, including Live Dealer games.
  • To be eligible for playing for real money, you need to create and verify an account;
  • You will have to make a deposit;
  • There’s always a chance to lose money.
Play For Free in New Zealand

  • Play for fun without risking anything;
  • Learn how to play and practice for free;
  • You can play demo games without creating a casino account.
  • You can’t win anything;
  • Not all games have a free demo mode;
  • You can’t play Live Dealer titles.

Most online casinos offer both options, and you can always choose which one suits you best at a certain point in time.

What Should I Know Before Playing Mobile Roulette Online?

It wouldn’t be the worst idea if you tried playing Mobile Roulette in demo mode before depositing and risking real money. You should know how different Roulette bets work and which of them are safer or better-paying (we’ve covered all these things in our article, by the way), how to calculate winning odds and payout rates. You could also find out a couple of things about existing betting strategies.

And last but not least: don’t forget that mobile phone Roulette is a game of chance. A game, and not a way to make money. Stay safe and gamble responsibly.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Roulette?

The main reason why mobile Roulette games are on the rise is, of course, easy access 24/7. No matter where you are (in New Zealand or abroad) or what time it is, your favorite entertainment is always at your fingertips.

How To Play Mobile Roulette Online?

It wouldn’t be the worst idea if you tried playing Mobile Roulette in demo mode before depositing and risking real money at a New Zealand online casino. You should know how different Roulette bets work and which of them are safer or better-paying (we’ve covered all these things in our article, by the way), how to calculate winning odds and payout rates. You could also find out a couple of things about existing betting strategies.

How To Choose a Mobile Roulette Casino?

First of all, check the casino license and customer feedback.

Convenient, adaptable design and optimized graphics play an important role too: they ensure a seamless enjoyable process.