Cycle Training

I doubt whether you will find many people who really can’t ride a bike.  Riding a bike is usually one of the first skills that young children are very keen to master and have strong recollections of.  So when I hear people say they can’t ride a bike they are usually referring to idea of riding a bike in traffic in an urban setting.  That’s why Cycle Action Waiheke have just finished running a cycle training course with support from Auckland City.  Training is carried out in accordance with the NZTA best practice and the UK’s renowned “Bikeability” training programme covering issues like:
Assertive or defensive riding skills.
Signaling and safe lane positioning.
Negotiating potential risks such as parked cars.
Advice on intersections and roundabouts.

Congratulations to the CAW team for making this event a success and we look forward to seeing those graduates out on the road enjoying their new freedom.

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